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BioC 2020: Where Software and Biology Connect

When: July 27 - 31, 2020
What: Community/Developer Day, Main Conference
Where: Virtual Conference
Slack: Bioconductor Team (#bioc2020 channel)
Twitter: #bioc2020


Join the Bioconductor #bioc2020 and #bioc2020-workshops channels for up-to-date information

100 Level Workshops

Workshop Source Docker
Introduction to Bioconductor annotation resources GH Docker
A Tidy Transcriptomics introduction to RNA-Seq analyses GH Docker
Public Data Resources in Bioconductor GH Docker
Annotating inter-sample DNA methylation and ATAC-seq variation with COCOA GH Docker
Cloud-based Genomics using Terra/AnVIL GH Docker
A workshop for concepts of epidemiology GH Docker

Missing DESCRIPTION: LieberInstitute/recountWorkshop2020

200 Level Workshops

Workshop Source Docker
ATAC-seq data quality control using the ATACseqQC package GH Docker
Interactive Visualization of SummarizedExperiment Objects with iSEE GH Docker
Functional enrichment analysis of high-throughput omics data GH Docker
Copy number variation analysis with Bioconductor GH Docker
MultiAssayExperiment and curatedTCGAData Bioconductor 2020 Workshop GH Docker
CRISPRseek for designing target-specific gRNAs for the CRISPR genome editing system including base editor and prime editor GH Docker
A workshop on discovering biomarkers from high through put response screens GH Docker
Importing alevin scRNA-seq counts into R/Bioconductor GH Docker

Missing DESCRIPTION: hukai916/IntegratedChIPseqWorkshop, aedin/Frontiers_Supplement, broadinstitute/BioC2020Workshop_AMARETTO-Hub

500 Level Workshops

Workshop Source Docker
Material on how to create and submit a package to Bioconductor GH Docker
Bioconductor toolchain for usage and development of reproducible bioinformatics pipelines in CWL GH Docker
A Workshop on Effectively Using the DelayedArray Framework to Support the Analysis of Large Datasets GH Docker
Detection of Differentially Interacting Chromatin Regions From Multiple Hi-C Datasets GH Docker
Trajectory inference across conditions: differential expression and differential progression GH Docker
Efficient, Scalable, and Reproducible Enrichment Workflows GH Docker

Workshop packages were created using the BuildABiocWorkshop2020 template.

NOTE. Missing workshops should include a valid DESCRIPTION file with the following fields: