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BioC 2020: Where Software and Biology Connect

When: July 27 - 31, 2020
What: Community/Developer Day, Main Conference
Where: Virtual Conference
Slack: Bioconductor Team (#bioc2020 channel)
Twitter: #bioc2020

Day 3: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

All time is US Eastern Time. All sessions include Q&A time.

9:00-9:55am Keynote, Corrie Painter
11:00-11:55am Workshop, Marcel Ramos, 200: MultiAssayExperiment and curatedTCGAData Bioconductor 2020 Workshop
12:00-12:55pm Lunch, Posters, BoF
1:00-1:55pm Workshop, Aedin Culhane, 200: Hitchhikers Guide to PCA; Demystifying dimensionality reduction in R/Bioconductor
2:00-2:55pm Keynote, Fei Chen
3:00-3:10pm Talk, Lukas M. Weber, Unsupervised analysis of transcriptome-scale spatial gene expression data in the human frontal cortex
3:10-3:20pm Talk, Dario Righelli, VisiumExperiment an S4 class for 10x Visium Spatial Gene Expression
3:20-3:30pm Talk, Lambda Lu, A comparison of spatial transcriptomics methods
3:30-3:40pm Talk, Ellis Patrick, Spatial analysis of in situ cytometry data
3:40-3:55pm Q&A session
4:00-4:55pm Workshop, Christopher Eeles, 200: A workshop on discovering biomarkers from high through put response screens
5:00-5:55pm Workshop, Qian Liu, 500: Bioconductor toolchain for usage and development of reproducible bioinformatics pipelines in CWL