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BioC 2020: Where Software and Biology Connect

When: July 27 - 31, 2020
What: Community/Developer Day, Main Conference
Where: Virtual Conference
Slack: Bioconductor Team (#bioc2020 channel)
Twitter: #bioc2020

Day 2: Tuesday, July 28, 2020

All time is US Eastern Time. All sessions include Q&A time.

9:00-9:55am Workshop, Ludwig Geistlinger, 200: Functional enrichment analysis of high-throughput omics data
10:00-10:55am Workshop, Haibo Liu, 200: ATAC-seq data quality control using the ATACseqQC package
11:00-11:55am Workshop, Ludwig Geistlinger, 200: Copy number variation analysis with Bioconductor
12:00-12:55pm Lunch, Posters, BoF
1:00-1:55pm Workshop, Charlotte Soneson, 200: Interactive Visualization of SummarizedExperiment Objects with iSEE
2:00-2:55pm Keynote, Kylie Bemis
3:00-3:10pm Talk, Daniel Bunis, dittoSeq: A universal user friendly single-cell and bulk RNA sequencing visualization toolkit
3:10-3:20pm Talk, Koen Van den Berge, Interpretation of single-cell RNA-seq trajectories using differential expression and differential progression analysis
3:20-3:30pm Talk, F. William Townes, Dimension reduction for massive single-cell datasets
3:30-3:40pm Talk, Lauren Hsu, corral: A simple and fast approach for dimensionality reduction and data alignment in single-cell data
3:40-3:55pm Q&A session
4:00-4:55pm Workshop, Lihua Julie Zhu, 200: CRISPRseek for design target-specific gRNAs for the CRISPR genome editing system including base editor and prime editor
5:00-5:55pm Workshop, Kai Hu, 200: Integrated ChIP-seq Data Analysis Workshop